The Drawing Meditation Series

Wednesday, June 21 - July 12, 2017

8:00 - 9:30 PM CST

The Akashic Record Keepers have recently unveiled a new meditation to assist us in in our soul's growth and journey on this plane. This is known as the "Drawing Meditation Series" and focuses on the BIG-3.

The BIG-3 are the main core issues that many human beings deal with on this 3-dimensional plane. Those issues are the foundation for lessons, patterns and relationships that we deal with.

The BIG-3 are Health, Love and Money and the Akashic Record Keepers are ready to show you a powerful technique that utilizes sound, breath and the magnetic ability of your subconscious mind.

Instead of banging your head trying different techniques and going nowhere, why don't you save your vital energies and focus on activating the "Drawing Power" of your sacred heart space and harness the ability to gracefully attract what you need in your life.

Schedule of Meditation Calls:

Starting Wednesdays at 8 pm CST on June 21, 2017.
June 21 -  Planting Your Internal Garden
June 28 - Drawing Health Meditation
July 5 - Drawing Love Meditation
July 12 - Drawing Money Meditation

Each meditation is $8.88. Or purchase all 4 Meditations for $33.33.  PLUS - you will also receive a bonus meditation that incorporates drawing health, love and money in ONE fluid meditation.

You will receive a copy of the recording as well as the worksheet for each week's focus right after each meditation.

You will also receive the Drawing Kit to get you started.

Ready to draw a miracle?

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Drawing Meditation Series

Anne Marie Pizarro

Anne Marie Pizarro, RN, BSN has worked with the Akashic Records and has assisted hundreds of clients in connecting to their Soul Council for over 10 years.  Her holistic practice, Body Energy Connection, is based in Austin, TX and she works with clients worldwide.

Anne will guide and help you navigate the realm of the Sacred Heart Space in this series of meditations, where you will tap into the unlimited potential of the subconscious mind, sacred tones and intentions to draw your desires, goals and prayers to you.