The Dangerous Land of Stagnation and How to Break Free

Are you feeling stagnant in your life?
Do you feel like you’re just maintaining?
Are you wondering how to get excited and motivated again?

Do you know why I’m asking those 3 questions?  It’s because I know that feeling too well…almost embarassingly well.  That’s why I want to discuss with you something very important…the discovery of liquid gold.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling stagnant in my life, doing what was necessary just to keep the flow going.  I wasn’t particularly excited about anything at all and actually found myself feeling kind of ‘bored’ with what was happening.

Now, this is quite unusual because I feel like I’m living the life I have always dreamed of. I work from home, set my own hours, love what I do, have a supportive and loving partner and a super creative life.  However, I felt like I was going through the motions – like I was “just maintaining.”

I didn’t realize how dangerous it was to operate on “just maintaining” because you ignore the signs that your body needs attention or help as well as write off the boredom as ‘part of life.’

However, this place of ‘just maintaining’ can cause you to fall into the land of stagnation where you find yourself waiting for inspiration to strike.

That’s where I was and I felt a slow burning current of frustration of not knowing what was next.

It wasn’t until an impromptu date broke me out of the jailhouse of waiting.

My partner and I went to see a very old, roots reggae band called Black Uhuru play at Flamingo Cantina, a legendary Austin venue for reggae music.  One of Jamaica’s classic reggae bands, Black Uhuru has been around for over four decades, spanning a musical history that has been impactful, influential and launched many musician’s careers.

I’d heard their music for many years and found myself automatically dancing without thinking. The lead singer, no longer the original, belted familiar songs that caused the crowd to ripple in excitement.

However, it wasn’t until Duckie Simpson, one of the original founders, opened his mouth and sang a song that my heartstrings were plucked.  It was like hearing the original band through the sound of this one man.

I closed my eyes, falling deeper into the rhythmic trance.  In my little three feet of personal space, I began to really move, surrounded by a wall of friends and family.

I lost all sense of time and space as I felt a kinship to the nyabinghi heartbeat of the song. Perhaps it was my mood or a deep soulful cry for help – I felt something stir. I don’t know how it happened or when it happened, it just did.

In the depth of sound and the cadence of beats, I saw and felt something so amazing yet fleeting.  It was like a ray of pure golden light pierced right through me, touched the apex of my heart and flooded my blood with vitality.  Every cell, molecule and breath felt like it was super-infused with light, making me vibrate at such high realms.

I felt alive. I could see the music being played. I could feel sounds reverberate through me. I could taste, see, touch and feel God in every part of my being.  I felt like I was being plugged in and electrocuted awake.  It was like drinking liquid gold.

I left that night, walking on Cloud 9, feeling like I had taken some kind of happy, magic pill. The world around me literally looked brighter and full of color. That liquid gold energy watered my surroundings, making me see the beautiful potential and energy of The Creator in everything.

The next day, I still felt it – that feeling of sunshine running through me. It gave me energy and lifted my spirits, allowing me to breeze through my work. Sessions were easy and connections felt authentic. Focus became sharper and I completed my tasks with ease. Even money flowed in like magic!

If only it was like that every day! That golden, light feeling stayed for a few more days and slowly began to ebb away.

That’s when I started to panic.

I wasn’t ready to let that go and fall back into the stagnation of life’s patterns but how could I hold on to it?

Thus, I began to search for ways to hold on to that feeling of drinking ‘liquid gold’ and feeling absolutely alive.  Food, activities, gardening and my regular tasks didn’t inspire me.  Books didn’t invite me in.  Social invitations made me want to stay home.

Damn…was I going to be stuck in the land of stagnation?

Well, it’s funny how life works.  I was resigned to returning to my fate of maintaining until a little text message changed my world around.

The message said this:  ‘Hey! Our friend is moving down to Austin and wants to play keyboards in the band.  Do you want to play the bass?’

All of a sudden, I felt a bolt run through me.  There it was!! I felt like I was being hit with golden lightning that infused my veins with excitement!

What could I say but ‘Sure, I think so.’

So I did what any musician who doesn’t play that instrument does. I rented a bass guitar.

I came home, plugged it into my Fender bass amp and plucked the strings. The deep resonant notes just made my insides quiver and my smile widened. It was like sipping a cup of liquid gold.

I began to play.  Each note became the foundational backdrop to music that I had written and composed for many years as a keyboard player. It was like a reunion between lovers once the bass filled in the deep layers of sound.

Instead of thinking that I was learning a new instrument, I kept reminding myself that I was picking up where I left off.  What a huge difference that made!

And…I’ve got to admit…I’ve been hooked now for the last two weeks. I simply can not stop  playing, thinking or dreaming about this instrument.

It’s given me something so fun to look forward to.  I try to get my ‘real business’ work done as quickly and efficiently as possible so I can play music. I make room and time now to practice where before I thought I was too busy. It’s sharpened my focus because I look forward to my time of rest and playing.

I began to ask myself, what other ways could I maximize that feeling of drinking liquid gold and being excited about living and working?

Drinking the Creator’s liquid gold through finding something new is a key discovery to breaking the mundaneness in life.

Here are a few suggestions to help keep your focus, vibrations and energy high so you don’t drop into that land of waiting and stagnation.

#1. Learn a new language, skill or instrument
⁃    When you learn a new language, skill or instrument, you create new neural pathways in your brain that wires how you perceive the world.  These new pathways help you stay creative and active because you expose yourself to new stimuli, opening up potential avenues within your mind to create, attract and manifest.  Learning also helps you improve your multi-dimensionality as a human being, keeping you young and plugged into this ever-changing world.

#2. Plug into a new habit or activity
⁃    In order to break the routine-ness of life, you have to implement and create new habits that take time to imprint in your psyche and environment.  Whether it is starting a new work-out program, doing more self-care work or testing a new system in your life/business, you have the opportunity to shift and up level your way of existence.  Plugging a new habit takes dedication and commitment so patience with self is critical.  Also, consistency and follow-through will help strengthen your character and help you accomplish anything you set your mind to.

#3. Challenge yourself to make 1 new recipe per week for 12 weeks
⁃    Food is a vital part of your life and a contributing factor to your health.  By trying out one new recipe a week, you introduce yourself to a variety of flavors, spices and tastes.  Expanding your palate also increases your sense of the environment around you. Challenging yourself with creating or making one new recipe also improves your relationship with how you eat, take care of yourself and communicate with your body. This is a great way to also bring your social circle into your food experiment.

#4. Book a trip in the future to take
⁃    Nothing stimulates the senses and invigorates the spirit like taking a much-needed vacation. Booking a trip in the future gives you something exciting to look forward to and plan through out the year.  It also helps you save for the journey, focus your efforts on budgeting and create a sense of urgency because of your deadline for departure.  By getting excited about going away, your mind creates new ideas to help you manifest your needs for your trip as well as helps you get organized in your life so that when you leave – you can really unplug.

#5. Recommit to your vision
⁃    Face it, if you’re not feeling motivated to work on your business, career or self then you may have a disconnect with one of your visions for your life.  Haven’t really ironed out what kind of vision you want for your life?  This might be a cause for the stagnation and lack of inspiration.  One of the greatest favors you can do for yourself is to spend some time mapping out your vision for what you’d like to accomplish in your life.  Each week, review your vision and see what actions you are taking to align, attract and manifest that outcome.  If you find yourself not taking ANY action at all for weeks on end, you might want to assess whether that vision is really what you want.

#6. Sign up for a series of bodywork for healing
⁃    Chances are, if you possess any kind of nurturing quality, you probably put others before yourself on a regular basis.  You may be operating in a less than optimal state but keep on compensating because you don’t want to take that time out or are simply unaware of your condition.  When you sign up for a series of bodywork – whether that is acupuncture, chiropractic or massage – you are giving your body a new pathway for existing.  When you release pent-up energy, pain and stagnation, you evolve into new states of feeling good and allow yourself that gift of healing which can motivate you to take action in your life.

#7. Go out into nature once a week and go for a walk/hike – consider this a treat!
⁃    Nature is a great place for re-setting, allowing your mind to enter into a place of silence and communion with the land around you.  The Creator’s energy lies untapped in the natural realm as we explore our ability to feel rejuvenated, calm and grounded. Going into nature once a week helps you detox from a digital world where you are constantly plugged in. This is where creative ideas can explode when you can get away from your own environment and plug into new sights and sounds.

#8. Genuinely compliment a stranger or someone you don’t know once a week
⁃    Want to break out of the stagnation of feeling bad? Compliment someone that you meet randomly and make sure that compliment is genuine and sincere. It will catch people off guard and also invite them to open up to you. A random stranger could become a friend, acquaintance or supporter.  Best of all, complimenting someone makes them feel good which naturally spills over into your realm of energy as your fields communicate unspoken words. Make this habit become a positive influence in your life and you will find more blessings appear as you rain down blessings on others.

So there you go. I invite you to try any one of these suggestions to keep that energy of liquid gold flowing through your life.

The land of stagnation can be a trap that can cause you to lose momentum, energy, hope or motivation.  Don’t get stuck in that place. Commit to breaking out of any traps that hold you here and know that there is a way out.  That way out will get you excited about life and truly grateful that you are on this soul journey at this time.

And if there is any way I can help break you out of this stagnation loop, please let me know. For now, I am simply content to play the bass and feel the Divine in each note.

About the Author:

Anne Marie Pizarro is a registered nurse and a holistic practitioner, focusing on the Akashic Records and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). She works with clients globally and assists them in connecting to their Soul Council, Record Keepers and Guides. Her mission is to help support people’s soul journey on Earth.  Contact her via email, website or through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Is there a connection between Karma and Health?

Recently, I experienced a rather debilitating situation that made me really reflect on what karma I had accumulated to attract the injury into my life.

For weeks, I’d felt a small spasm on the left side of my neck grow and become progressively more troublesome. I tried to work with the situation until I reached a point of mind-numbing pain, being blocked in my work and having difficulty sleeping. Plus, I was an emotional mess.

I really struggled with trying to take care of it myself, but it was not until my partner pleaded with me to get professional help that I finally did. The spasm on my neck, thanks to my continuous efforts to massage it, had finally grown to a large lemon.

I. Was. Done.

I found myself at the chiropractor’s office, explaining my situation and feeling pretty helpless. I’d been in there three months previously with a similar injury and didn’t follow through on their suggestions to return for repeated visits.

He listened empathetically and asked me to lay down on the table and turn my face completely to the right side. He then asked me to take a deep breath and I suddenly felt an excruciating POP!

I nearly jumped out of my skin and the table when that pop came. I turned my head and saw what looked like a Mideival syringe of torture in his hand.

“This is an Activator,” he calmly smiled, seeing the look of disbelief and fear on my face. “The Activator is a spring-loaded, hand-held mechanical that provides a quick, low-force impulse at specific points.”

If I wasn’t ready for the first pop, I certainly wasn’t prepared for the other pops that followed.

Each spring – loaded adjustment felt like it was pushing me into other dimensions and forcing me to confront my humanity in a vacuum of cuss words, tears and howls of surprise.

That Activator triggered something fierce inside that frozen muscle spasm. So much so that it caused me to ask what I had done to deserve that punishment.

After going home and applying sports tape as suggested, I began to process what was happening. The tape immobilized my neck, causing strange, tingling sensations to erupt on the crown of my head, my forehead and the areas behind the ears/occiput.

I realized that the blockages and pain all occurred in the areas where I receive channeled information for clients. Furthermore, the spasm was on my neck, the area of the body where opinions, judgments and communication was stored. This was also the area where we either chose to repeat Karmic patterns or not. Geez….

What did it all mean?

Through articles, research and communication with my Soul Council, I discovered that karma affects us on a physical, genetic and energetic level through injuries, illness and conditions. It affects everyone differently and constitutions, genetics and lifestyle can influence these karmic moments.

Because we are living biographical storehouses of infinite possibilities, choices and potentials, whatever we experience is contained in our energy fields, soul and DNA. For every action, there is a reaction as well as a consequence.

Our karma comes into play when we are faced with situations that open a door for us to walk through. This door opens the next level of experiences. I call these ‘trigger events.’ For some, it is about relearning new patterns of thinking, behavior and beliefs. For others, it’s about taking action and accountability.

Throughout our lives, we experience different waves of karma that influences our health, wealth, relationships and power in the world. Sometimes, you just have to ask yourself, “How many more times am I going to have to deal with this?”

Karma Waves of Injury and Illness

The first wave of karma initially appears as a sign for you to wake up and take notice of how you are behaving or operating. This may appear as an injury or illness, giving you insight that something is not flowing in the right direction. This is the first opportunity to awaken from your routine as you find a method to control, cure or alleviate the injury or illness.

If you don’t take actions to shift your behavior, the second wave of karma could reappear, reminding you that initial injury or illness left a memorable mark in your DNA. This mark now contains the information of the initial injury, and it’s unknown what sequence of events trigger the second wave from erupting.

For some people, it is not immediate. For others, it’s right away. However, the second karmic wave offers another opportunity to address and treat what is happening with your body on an energetic and physical level.

When you experience second karma around injury, illness and disease, you have to examine a few things:

• Are you still operating in a way that is causing negative karma to appear?
• Are you still ignoring the signs that your body may be asking for help?
• Are you taking action only to not follow through?
• Are you paying the price for this karmic event?

The second wave of karma offers the opportunity to take action. These pro-active actions could mean shifting dietary habits, stopping destructive patterns(i.e. smoking, drinking, pornography, drugs), shifting choices of activities, and increasing psychological health support. For some, it may mean finally going to a health practitioner and following through on their advice.

Unfortunately, some people have a difficult time shifting and through repeated actions, karma appears for the third time. This can possibly cause devastating effects including cancer, multi-organ disorders, strokes or repetitive injuries.

By the time the third effects of karma occurs, this is a sign that the body’s memory of disease/injury has permanently been established and is now part of the present construct in the form of a diagnosis. During this third wave of karma, people may be experiencing treatments for recurring injuries or conditions. This can contribute to feelings of helplessness, frustration and depression.

The third wave of karma can be challenging for many people to the point that shifting or taking a different approach to healing stops them. There is a dangerous bio-feedback loop that gets created where accountability for health shifts to blame, resentment and perhaps even anger. This causes an underlying level of stress to constantly exist.

In reaction to the diseases or injuries, you might give up hope and simply stop trying. If you do not learn or at least attempt to understand what is happening to you, this can seal the Earthly lesson as a chapter to replay in the next incarnation.

So how does this affect your  health?

Whether we realize it or not, our physical health and actions hold patterns around self – power, accountability, permission and belief. When we choose to eat or act in unhealthy ways, we pay the consequences for it with our vitality and peace of mind.

If you are experiencing your first karmic awakening to take better care of yourself, then listen to your body. You may need:

assessment and support from your health practitioner (MD, Naturopath, DC, Acupuncturist)
• supplementation and proper foods to make sure your body’s process are operating at its peak
• rest from an over-active and busy schedule
• information about your constitution, allergies and familial conditions that are hereditary
• to stop the offending habit or situation that is contributing to your condition

If you are experiencing the second karmic awakening, then there are patterns that you need to address. This is a situation that has now repeated itself more than once and is influencing your vitality, power and purpose. You may need:

• added support from your health practitioner to strengthen your immune system, speed up your healing abilities and fortify your defenses
• blood tests and other diagnostic tools to determine if there is a deeper problem underlying your health issue
• treatment in the form of medicine, therapies and counseling to help you get better
• new methods or patterns of living (this is a big shift)
• non-traditional healing methods to support your process
• to journal and reflect about your healing process so that it is not locked in the sanctuary of your mind and taking up extra space

If you are experiencing the third karmic awakening, then you may have a history of repeated visits to your health care practitioner with diagnosis that are now a part of your medical history. Your medical situation may have shifted more to maintenance, comfort and trying to stay on top of the disease/injury before your symptoms beat you. You have your good days and you have your bad days. In that case, you may need:

• support from family or friends to help you with household chores, meals and errands to decrease the pressure or burden on you
• physical assistance in order to get around
• medications taken consistently to manage your illness/condition
• psychological or psychiatric support to assist you with emotional stress
• financial help for the bills you’ve accrued from increasing health care costs

But what about the people who choose to take great care of themselves and still get sick?

Injury, illness and disease have a four part connection:
1. Karma
2. Environment
3. DNA
4. Evolution & Natural Process

Balancing these four is a delicate process as we are biological and chemical beings expressed through pH, complex human circuitry, empathy and constitution.

The Record Keepers state that some people have soul contracts around health to help them understand their humanity, ability to change and take charge in their lives.

So what do you do if you already eat well, get plenty of sleep, feel emotionally balanced, take your supplements regularly and manage stress properly and still get sick?

I suggest that you discover what your karma around health is so that you can best help your body live at its peak capacity. There are many ways you can do this:

• Self-assessment and personal history – Examine yourself and see how your actions contribute to your outcome
• Consider genetic testing such as or through your physician
• Consider getting lab work around inflammatory markers, auto-immune conditions as well as a comprehensive metabolic panel to get an insight on the state of your organs
• Ask your family about history of diseases or conditions
• Assess what you have placed in the health sector of your home and see how this could be contributing to repeated injuries or illness.
• Open your Akashic Records and experience a holographic body scan

Wherever you are on the health journey, know that it’s a personal one. Your choices, actions and beliefs can change, flex and adapt based on what you are experiencing. No one can really know what you are going through inside except yourself.

So please know that self-judgment, guilt or blame will not do you any good on your path. In order to ride these different waves of karma, you must find a way to temper the inner voice that criticizes how you may be acting, feeling or being inside. This conflict only feeds the negative energy required to pull karma into appearing.

Certain things that you do – no matter how hard you try – may not shift an inevitable outcome. Please know that you are not here to play God and choose who stays or who goes. That burden is thankfully not on your shoulders.

You are here to learn these lessons around injury and illness. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can receive is understanding why that illness or injury propelled you into a place of service. Wherever ‘that place’ is that you eventually reach in relation to your injury, illness or disease allows you to honor the fragile dance of humanity and embrace what you are here to do in the time you have.

As for my neck, I found such relief with the chiropractic adjustment that I committed to two more months of treatment, including acupuncture and increasing my hydration. I could see the immediate impact in my work, emotions and relationships. I know this….I’m worth it and so are you.

This time karma…I got this.

About the Author

Anne Marie Pizarro is the founder of Body Energy Connection LLC and Akashic Record Session. She’s an RN/BSN with almost 20+ years of experience. She has worked with hundreds of clients around the world in the Akashic Records and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). She is available for personal, phone or Skype sessions.