This page is a collection of audio channelings  that began on Monday, Oct 24, 2011 as directed and instructed channeling of the Waitaha Grandmothers from New Zealand.  This is a compendium of 13 different channelings that have grown  until it was completed on November 5, 2011.  These channelings have been gentle, focused and amazing.  I have been fortunately blessed to receive and transmit them forward.  I give thanks for Oyani Wahe for coming through and connecting heart to heart.  I am grateful for her energy and spirit which has lifted me to higher heights than I could have fathomed.

Who are the Waitaha?

The Waitaha Grandmothers in Wimberly, TX

According to Wikipedia, the Waitaha is an early historical Māori iwi (tribe or nation). Inhabitants of the South Island of New Zealand, they were largely absorbed via marriage and conquest first by the Kāti Mamoe and then Ngāi Tahu from the 16th century onward.  Today those of Waitaha descent are represented by the Ngāi Tahu.

According to other sources and some of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work, the Waitaha are descendents of the Ancient Lemurians.  They are the bearers of information about our past, genetic lineage and stories of the Creator.

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What is the song of the Waitaha?

Isistren meet Grandmother Cora

We are Waitaha, the water containers of the Creator; bringing messages of Peace, from the Ancient Ones. “Until now we have hidden our beginnings, and all that followed, in the shadows. In this way we protected our knowledge in the silence of the Whare Wananga, the school of Learning of Waitaha. Now is the time for our treasures to be brought into the light. We do this for the children, and their children, and all who call this land home.”Song of Waitaha




Singing, Storytelling, Activating our Ancestral and Cellular Wisdom

Listen Below for Channeled Information from the Akashic Records accessing the Waitaha Grandmothers and the Ancient Ones:


Clan of the Waitaha – #1

Clan of the Waitaha – #2

Clan of the Waitaha – #3

Clan of the Waitaha – #4

Clan of the Waitaha – #5

Clan of the Waitaha – #7

Clan of the Waitaha – #8 – Part 1

Clan of the Waitaha – #8 – Part 2

Clan of the Waitaha – #9

Clan of the Waitaha – #10

Clan of the Waitaha – #11

Clan of the Waitaha – #12

Clan of the Waitaha – #13


Interview with Wendy Peters, PhD.

Dr. Wendy Peters has earned a PhD at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  A Change Consultant & Executive Coach, Dr. Peters applies the latest scientific research to organizational opportunities and challenges, offering tools and methods for optimizing workforce interactions and productivity.

Dr. Peters’s business, The New Era Transitions and Transformations, LLC,  offers  Natural Design Solutions for organizations, groups, couples, and individuals.  Their services include:

  • executive coaching
  • integral self-development
  • couples intimacy and relationship facilitation
  • workshops and retreats for groups and organizations
  • organizational effectiveness presentations and consulting
  • weddings and ceremonies

We met with Dr Peters during the Waitaha gathering in Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, TX on October 28th.  She represented the Hawaiian lineage and has graciously shared her wisdom and insights on the Waitaha, Maori, and Native Traditions.  We hope you enjoy this amazing interview:



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