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How to handle transitions at this time…

Transitions….That’s the word that keeps whispering in my ear. So much of my life has changed this year, and I reflect and see those big transitions occurring in many people’s lives as well.  It’s a time of stretching, expanding, disintegrating and examining.  It’s also a time that I feel The Creator is asking, ‘What do you […]

Shapeshifting Your Future Self

What if I told you that your magical abilities are available at your disposal and you could use it to transform your future? What if I told you that shapeshifting your future self would not only help your present state evolve but also increase your productivity, business, health and vitality? Would you be ready?  Better […]

CRT – Communion, Reunion and Transformation

I have been working with Master Yeshua and Mother Mary for over 3 years now, more closely in the last 2 years.  In my work with the Akashic Records, I have received and channeled information from Master Yeshua and Mother Mary, along with other high Ascended Beings.  It has changed my life. One level, I […]

Allowing the Divine Plan

Do you allow the Divine Plan to occur or do you get in the way of your own evolution? Here is the opportunity to change your paradigm.  Wanna know how? Allowing the Divine Plan Move aside and allow the Divine Plan to unfold! Recently, I was marveling at how perfectly everything falls into place when […]

Integration: Bringing Balance During a Time of Transition

Today, I pulled the Alligator Medicine card which means Integration.  How fitting when I am faced with so many choices and possible outcomes? What does this Mean in the Face of Possibilities & Choice? Alligator Medicine, according to the Medicine Cards, represents the invitation “to fully appreciate and integrate all that life offers.”   Some times […]

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love for Yourself means YOU are your Valentines.   What does it mean to have unconditional love for yourself? Unconditionally Love Yourself this Valentines Day! Too many times, our world conditions us to put others before ourselves, even guilt-tripping us with certain belief systems that it is selfish to think or love yourself first […]

Access the Divine Blueprint

What would you do if you could access your divine blueprint and find out what to do with your life, what direction to take, where to go and how to do it? Would it stop you or help you in stepping into your birthright as an awesome and kick-ass human being? When I first tapped […]

Be in Alignment with Your Dreams

As the new year – 2012 – unfolds, we invite you to be in alignment with your dreams. “Be in Alignment with Your Dreams” What does it mean when you accept the invitation to show up 100% in your life?  Does it mean being selfish, self-involved or narrow-visioned? We think not.  When you are in […]

Bring in the New Year RIGHT!

Happy New Year!!! Happy New YOU! What better way to bring in the New Year right than with conscious attention to what you are manifesting in your life, world, relationships and health? This is the invitation that the New Year provides.  It’s an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew.  It’s the call […]