The Lesson of the Lotus Bulb

Have you been feeling like you’ve been moving a bit through mud?

It’s About Honor

My Ancestors have been coming to me as of late and I haven’t been listening. It showed up strong before the Full Moon on October 31, 2020 – All Hallow’s Eve.

Is it the right time in the world to start or expand your holistic business?

Have you ever heard of this term she-cession?

What is the Most Important Meeting You’ll Have This Year?

Do you know what the heart of your business sounds and feels like?

Do you get a sense of its pulse and what it’s trying to accomplish in the world?

You are after all the being who agreed to bring it down on this 3-dimensional plane. You must have created some kind of contract around service or why do what you do?

    It seems like a bunch of strange questions that have nothing to do with reports, bills, content, clients, finances, and juggling all the moving plates that make you tick and work. I get it.  You have a lot going on.  You’re just trying to survive and take care of yourself and your family.

    There’s a lot on your mind and there’s so much noise that you have to filter through from television, social media, emails, advertisements, and conversations with people.

 No wonder it’s difficult to hear.

    We are inundated with so much information. Making sense of it all and dealing with the pressure to push through and do something with your life can feel overwhelming and stressful.

No wonder it’s difficult to sit still.

    So much turmoil and chaos have happened in 2020.  Many people are having to pivot in their careers, relationships, and track to figure out what’s important and the next best move.  For some, it’s just taking one step and one day at a time.  For others, the weight of unanswered questions fuel frustration and quiet desperation to understand the true meaning of it all, breeding stress and anxiety.

 No wonder it’s difficult to embrace silence.

    Amidst all these distractions of life, there’s a pulse that continues to beat in the heart of you and your work. It shines a light in the dark times to guide you and what you’re here to do. It feeds your mission, vision, and purpose for why you came back.  It slings you back when you get ‘too far away’ from doing what you came down here to do.

    We’re too caught up in trying to figure out how to ‘make it happen’ that sometimes we forget why we’re doing it in the first place. We get lost in the doing and disconnect from the trusting and receiving.

    This is why it’s time for you to do a deep dive and see what your Guides and Business Council have for you.  This is an invitation to connect at a deeper level and tune you into that frequency of success, ease, and flow.

   If you’re in business for yourself, this is an important time to embrace 3 very important things.

  #1.  Listen to understand what your business needs from you not what you need from it

    #2.  Embrace where you’re at so you can envision where you’re arriving to

    #3.  Have a strategic heart to heart meeting with your Guides and Business Council

    When you are working with the true heart and soul of your business, you’re at ease and operating at a higher level of service. You shift your mindset when it comes to money, operations, and communications. You see the purpose of marketing and the mission you serve in sharing your message. You serve Source in an elevated manner when you step out of the way to connect to a field of knowledge and information greater than yours – the Akasha.  

This is the most important meeting you’ll have this year.   

    Are you ready to receive the next steps to turn your visionary wheel of success, purpose, and flow?

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Why Anchoring Hope Matters Right Now

Things are a bit messy right now in the air – literally and figuratively.

    Between environmental calamities, continued civil injustices, political and social unrest, surges of pandemic exposures and financial worries, there’s a thick layer of stress that looms over our world and we’re all feeling it.

Photo by <a href="">Lerone Pieters</a> from <a href="">Burst</a>

That’s why it’s so important to anchor hope.

    Hope is a vibration that trusts that things will get better. It’s a frequency that relies on faith that you will be taken care of along the way.  It’s a deep knowing that something positive can still appear amidst all these maddening lessons and confusion.

    I’m not asking you to stick your head in a fish-bowl, move to another dimension, take some kind of substance that makes you forget this world.

    No, you’d be missing out on the greatest opportunity to participate in the Divine experiment of finding your place and anchoring your purpose through your one little body, being and soul.

    When you anchor Hope in your heart, you’re allowing your light to spread out beyond your field to spark hope in others. It emanates like a wave because you’re tapping into a higher frequency of love. You may not even know how you effect or affect the world through your actions and words.

    When you radiate the vibration of hope in your being, you’re supporting the upliftment of those who are unfortunate, oppressed, disempowered or displaced. 

    What you hope for you and your family can ripple out when you hope that same thing for others. This grows the energy of compassion and true understanding.

    Hope helps you get up every day and push through the grind. It makes you face the uncomfortable within in order to heal and come home to a higher place of forgiveness,  It makes you strong and gives you invisible wings when you feel weak, beat up, or disappointed by the world.

So don’t give in.

    Don’t give in to the illusion of information that doesn’t resonate with the core truth of who you are.

    Don’t give in to other people’s limitations of themselves as they project that on you.

    Don’t give in to believing in other’s fears and opinions when you are worthy of holding your own feelings as a barometer of truth.

    Don’t give in to believing you can’t accomplish or reach your greatest soul’s expression or vision.

    After all, hope is the water that fuels and feeds your inner garden and your outer experience.  

    Choose to nourish that feeling of hope and know that you’re going to make it through this and more. One day at a time, friends.  This 2020 season will be over soon.

     However, before it goes.  Make sure you anchor that energy of hope to navigate and get you through Mars in Retrograde (September 9 – November  13) and Mercury in Retrograde (October 14 – November 3).  We’re still in for some rough waters so hang tight and keep on believing in good things coming your way!

What Does Animas Mean to You?

I recently took some time off to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life and business to listen to the messages of Spirit and hit the road.  

I was feeling a yearning, a restlessness, a desire to get off the path and explore.  I had been hearing and feeling the subtle messages of Spirit coming through, yet I needed time and silence to receive.

Information and synchronicity showed up right away.  My partner, Jon, and I found ourselves staying in a small cabin next to a creek called Las Animas Creek.  Then we found ourselves staying in a hotel off Animas Street.  Then we kept finding ourselves connected to places in Animas County.

What was the meaning of this word animas and why did it keep showing up?

The Spanish translation of animas covers these different words: to cheer, encourage, animate, inspire, rouse, pep up and pull for.  

The English translation of anima, especially in Jungian psychology, is tied to the inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious.  This could be connected to the self, ego or your own consciousness of your own identity.

The other definition of anima is soul or life. It is the actuating cause of an individual life.

What a strange word…

I was fascinated with the energy of animas because I felt like Spirit was rooting for us to be in touch with it and our dreams. I was drawn to the energy of anima because I was seeking inspiration and even the energy to rouse myself each and every day. I also felt like the message of anima was to keep on going, striving and learning more about the self, others and the world.

What triggered the anima energy was thinking about the natives and early settlers of the United States and reminiscing on their journeys through canyons, rivers and mountain passes.  I can only wonder what they may have gone through to travel and find their homes.  It takes a certain type of force, drive and animas to make something like that happen.

I was also thinking about the kind of anima we need right now in our lives, moving forward to bridge our hopes for the future. There’s still social and civil turmoil, a pandemic, economic challenges and strife going on throughout the world.

We’re given the opportunity to create and establish a collective anima of respect, love and consideration in order for things to change.  It can when we root for each other and not just ourselves.

We’re in a powerful time to create, establish and carry a collective anima of support, healing and equality for all in order for things to evolve.  It absolutely can when we pull for each other and not just ourselves.

Most of all, we’re in a time to attend to our personal and collective anima of gratitude, connection and witnessing each other in order for things to come to balance. This is how we can heal, recognize the Divine in each other and receive blessings in our lives.

Animas is more than the spirit of what we take into doing and being; it’s a vibration of the soul.  

This is why Spirit kept bringing the word over and over in my consciousness.  It was an invitation to appreciate, choose and embrace the beauty of the moment, our lives and our time on Earth.

So my friend, I’m sharing the gift of anima with you today.  May you be uplifted, cheered and supported in all you do because you’re rockin’ it in a way that no one else can but you.


Crystal Grids Masterclass

Are you looking for a way to manifest your intentions?

Crystal grids are a sacred geometrical arrangement of crystals that amplify intention, increase the energy field and activate their properties to support your manifestation and intentions. They can be used as an energetic tool or simply as decoration in any space.

A Crystal Grid is an energy field that can be used for healing, meditation and spiritual growth. Create a sacred space in your home or office with these grids. They will help harmonize your energy field so you can feel better, think clearer, sleep sounder and live healthier lives! What do you want most out of life? A happy family? Successful career? Peaceful mind? This is just one way that crystal gridding can help make it happen. And we’ve got all the information in our

*** This is a 2-hour Masterclass that will teach you how to create and activate three different types of crystal grids ***

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 4:00 – 6:00 pm CST via Zoom

Cost: $47.00

What Will I Receive in this Masterclass?
1. PDF Crystal Grids – Basic, Advanced and Merkaba Grid
2. PDF Intention Cards Download
3. PDF Instruction Manual of How to Activate These Three Different Grids
4. Access to the video and meditation downloads that you experience in the class

Attend this live event or receive access to the replay if you’re unable to make it.

This special and interactive event will help you ground and anchor your intentions more successfully. It will help you align and relax into receiving. Most of all, you’ll get to play on a very high vibrational level of light!

You’ll want to prepare your sacred tools for this event:

  • different crystals you’d like to use
  • a special activator crystal
  • a candle to set the energy, mood and ambience
  • pendulum to check the field
  • a special intention card that you’d like to place under your grid


The power of crystal grids is undeniable. You will feel more energized, focused, creative and grounded when you use them regularly. If you’re looking for something new to add to your life, this is it! Get started with this Masterclass on how to create three different kinds of crystal grids!


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What is Your Sacred Talisman?

According to the Britannica, a talisman, also called an amulet, is an object, either natural or man-made, believed to be endowed with special powers to protect or bring good fortune. Talismans are carried on the person or kept in the place that is the desired sphere of influence—e.g., in front of their home or a special altar.

A talisman is something that you can create for you that aligns you to your True North. Your True North is your sacred center, what you’re aligned to and what guides you on your sacred path. In a way, your True North is similar to your relationship with Source which can be a guide post in your life.

There are many paths that can lead you to your sacred talisman. You can purchase a talisman or amulet, have it gifted to you or create your own.

The purpose of the Talisman is to guide, protect, direct and surround you in a field of energy that aligns to the intentions that you connect it to. It can also hold your goals and outcomes in the space of potential and help it materialize on Earth.

Some people use talismans when they’re traveling, undergoing a difficult journey or passage or when they’re creating/birthing something new in the world. The talisman serves as a symbol of strength and connection to Source energy.

“Traditionally, a talisman anchors your dreams in the physical plane, so that when you observe it, you are reminded of the joy of accomplishing your goals. This energy/emotion provides the colors, codes, symbols, sounds and signs in your energy field that align you with your objectives.” – Gina Spriggs

A talisman can be made of different kinds of materials. It can be some form of jewelry like a pendant, ring or amulet. It can also be something that is created through a ceremonial purpose.

Once you decide to use or carry a talisman in your life, there are multiple ways that it can support you.

It can help you stay grounded and focused on your intentions. It can remind you of your goals and requests and keep a positive outcome. It can protect you and align you to helpful people and forces.

If you’re interested in creating your own sacred talisman, join us for a special live event that helps you create your own protective tool.

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10 Ways to Start Your Day with Grace, Ease and Success

I used to hate the way my alarm sounded when I had to wake up at 4:30 am. I would drag my half-asleep body to the shower and shock it into wakefulness. That triggered some kind of mood, usually displeased or cranky because it was fighting the realization that my day was starting and I just wasn’t ready to face it.

This went on for many years because I worked in a pre-operative surgical unit in the hospital that opened up the doors at 5:30 am to get people ready for surgery by 7:00 am. It was an efficient machine and I survived on coffee, cafeteria food and 4.5-6 hours of sleep.

That was five years ago and now, when my alarm goes off at 6:20 am, I bounce out of bed with a smile on my face ready to start my day. I’m actually excited and happy instead of displeased and cranky. I’m in a different place now and doing my dream work.

Resigning from my job was the best decision I ever made. I was scared to make that change because I had conditioned myself to believe in the storyline that you go to school, work hard and then get the reward. However, after taking care of homeless, indigent and uninsured patients for well over a decade, I realized that life was too short to go after the dangling carrot in hopes of getting the ‘just reward.’

You’ve got to do something different and get off someone’s wheel if you’re going to give your own dream a shot.

I made a leap of faith and decided that it was time to start designing my life instead of waiting for that perfect moment for things to fall “just in place.” I knew that life was precious and time was of the essence. That’s when I decided to shift my relationship with how I started my day. That was where I needed to start.

Many successful entrepreneurs often talk about waking up early, working out, taking time to meditate and connect to their vision, intention and purpose. I had never given myself that time before because I was always in a rush to clock in on time for someone else’s schedule. I didn’t realize how transformative this one action could be if I truly implemented it and consistently followed through.

Since I’ve applied these techniques, my viewpoint and perspective of the world has shifted and changed for the better. I see possibility in place of limitation. I feel expansiveness in place of fear and constriction. I’m open to wonder and curiosity instead of boredom and blocks.

I share this with you because I know the feeling of the ‘pandemic weight.’ It’s not just a physical build-up of weight but also an energetic and vibrational heaviness. This can cause us to feel lethargic, despondent, uninterested and disconnected from what we want to do.

It’s time to wake up, my friend. Life is beginning to bloom around you.

We seems to be shifting as we step closer to the Spring Equinox, a time to clear the space of old energy and usher in new intentions. So try one of these 10 Ways and see what difference it makes in your life!

#1. Wake up with ONE statement of gratitude
• One statement of gratitude, even a ‘Thank You’, allows you to appreciate what you have in the moment. That allows you to embrace the richness of your life. Just one statement can be the springboard for how you start your day.

#2. Ask for a Day of Heaven on Earth and say YES to the possibilities of things going your way
• You don’t have to wait to die to experience Heaven on Earth. You can have that NOW when you permit yourself to ask for it and receive it. Heaven on Earth is acknowledging your Divinity and others. Its allowing you step into a plane of higher consciousness and see potential instead of potholes. Its a shift in perspective that aligns to Source instead of against it.

#3. Take a moment to visualize how you’d like your day to look and feel like. Take only 30 seconds to a minutes.
• It’s true that what you think about, you bring about. Start seeding that vision in your sub-conscious and conscious field what happiness, joy, purpose, ease and grace looks like. Don’t get lost in the storyline. How you design your day is up to you. Try and see the outcomes in a light and easy way.

#4. As soon as you sit up in bed, take a moment and take 3 DEEP BREATHS. With each inhale, state this mantra as you are exhaling: “I bless myself, my day and my life.”
• This is an important act of self-care and love. Blessing yourself is something many people just don’t do. They either feel guilty, bad or don’t feel like they deserve it. This is a gift you’re giving yourself that no one else can. You’re essentially stating that God/Spirit/Source is blessing you through the power of your breath. This action can uplift, energize and support feelings of gratitude, happiness and ease.

#5. Take a moment to Bless at least 5 people in your life that you know. Then take a moment to Bless at least 5 people/groups/land/animals/anything in the world.
• Blessings are free and powerful boosters of Source energy. When you share blessings with others in the world, you are cultivating hope, connection and love for others. When you share blessings with complete strangers, land, animals and others who are negatively impacted, you are doing your part to uplift, support and contribute energetically. Frequencies stack up and add up and do help to shift the pendulum to a more caring and positive world.

#6. Drink water within the first 30 minutes of waking up.
• Water is the elixir of life and contributes to your connection on Earth. Drinking water immediately when you first awaken allows your organs, system and skin the get hydrated and get the boost to start working efficiently. It also helps to get the lymphatic system moving to help flush toxins out of the body. Plus, it nourishes and rehydrates the thought processes, allowing neurons to fire easily in the brain.

#7. Take a moment to let your body land, ground and stretch into the space of its human energy field
• When you give yourself time to land after a night’s sleep, you give yourself the opportunity to be grounded in your body, mind and spirit. This is a gift to yourself and takes less than 15 seconds. This is a gift of attention, presence and calibration. Calibrating yourself and energy influences the tone, vibration and energy of your day. Taking a moment to arrive and be present with yourself and your energy field also helps you direct your focus so you’re not distracted by stimuli that pulls you from your equilibrium.

#8. Make a list of your Top 3 Priorities
• Time is your more precious commodity and how you intentionally use it determines your success, productivity and state of mind. When you prioritize your top 3 tasks that absolutely have to get done that day, you tap into a superhero ability to get things done. In addition, these top 3 priorities slowly move you closer towards your goals while giving you a sense of harmony and flow in your purpose. These top 3 priorities also help you command your energy and space. This allows you to protect your time so that you can focus and complete what you start.

#9. Take time to set your intentions, prayers or connection with Source.
• We all live busy lives with activities, work, families and commitments. When we take a few minutes to energetically connect to Source, this helps to charge our spiritual and energetic batteries for the day. This gives us the ability to relate to others, pay attention to opportunities coming and align with Source energy. This action helps to release us from the Karmic Wheel when we consciously choose actions and make decisions that align to our highest and best good.

#10. Take time to connect with Nature and be with the trees.
• Getting out in nature, even for 20 minutes a day has therapeutic and life-affirming qualities. Being in nature and surrounded by trees increases your immunity, decreases stress, boosts mood and helps you regain perspective and focus. This is an important contribution to your health and work because it helps you align to the Source field and get your cup filled. This also helps you release energetic waves and frequencies that you trap in your own human energy field and reset back to calm and balance.

Notice, none of these 10 ways start off with getting on your phone, checking your email or scrolling your social media feeds. You’ll have time for that later. What matters is what you do with that precious 1-2 hours when you first arise.

Depending on how you use this time, you can be quite impactful, focused and productive throughout the rest of your day. You can absolutely design your dream life. That first step begins with how you start your day!

How to Appreciate and Make the Most of the Little Things in Life

Do you ever feel like the Universe is nudging you to pay attention?

Our Hidden Relationship to Light

Do you have a special relationship with Light?