Do you have a special relationship with Light?

It wasn’t until much later in my life that I discovered that I had a hidden relationship with Light.  I wasn’t really looking for it.  Rather, it found me.

We all have a relationship with Light. It’s just not mentioned or welcomed in our early upbringing or social conditioning.

The main reason why is that our world doesn’t want to support it or acknowledge it because it’s dangerous.  Dangerous, you ask?

Absolutely! If people knew that they possessed this immortal light within that’s connected to the light and vibration of Spirit and that they could use this light to create and manifest anything – they would be very difficult to control.

These people wouldn’t follow the status quo or try to make sure that they’re keeping up with the Jones’s and trends happening.

They wouldn’t be afraid to live their dreams, tap into their gifts and serve the world in their unique and special way.

These people would know that there’s a storyline being played out and as a light being, they’re here to write their own story and make their impact in the world.

So why has this part of ourselves been hidden from us?

Spiritual communities and  some religious doctrines discuss our Light, light body and the Creator being the source of all light.  The Bible states that we were made in the likeness of God, yet God is not of a three-dimensional form.  So what exactly are we made in the likeness of?

On the surface, we appear in these physical forms and bodies.  But on the inside, we are so much more.  Our soul has an essence that has a palpable energy.  When the soul leaves a body, it seems like a hole or vacuum is left, an emptiness that just can’t be filled.

The reason you feel this is that when a soul leaves, it takes with it, it’s light body.  It’s this light body that allows the energy of the soul to travel to multiple dimensions, access higher consciousness and connect to other Light Beings.  It’s the Light Body that is truly made in the likeness of Source/God/Creator.

So how do we develop our relationship with our inner Light Nature?

There are 3 key ways that I’ll share how to deepen your connection to your Light Nature.

First, acknowledge that you are Light within.  

You Light Body, also known as your Merkaba, allows you to be a conduit for Spirit because it’s made of pure Spirit.  Your Merkaba, which literally translates to light, spirit, body,  helps you to understand the light language of Source around you and to formulate ideas that are brought down into the material plane.  All ideas exist as light information until it’s captured and anchored into form.

Try looking at yourself in the mirror.  The being that is processing the image of you is your consciousness, looking at the details of your skin, hair and face.  This conscious being can find all kinds of things wrong if you let it.  Now allow yourself to close your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “What do I see?”

If you still see yourself as you appeared in the mirror, your conscious self is exerting a filter effect. Now ask that aspect f yourself to step aside and look at you.  What’s left in the ‘body form’ is the Spirit, the light self.

Now some of you may see this light aspect, others may not.  Don’t worry.  You’ve been trained all this time to only see what’s in front of you.  Your ‘eyes’ still need some time to adjust to recognizing its light.  Give it some time and practice to recognize what’s not the norm.

Second, realize that your Light nature has a high capacity to receive.

Given permission, your light nature exhibits a deep level of ability process to information, stimuli and experiences,  It’s categorizing, calculating, extracting and analyzing what you’re receiving all the time at micro-seconds, giving you space to process and react. It’s this light nature that also connects to the realm of spirit and can channel information from Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.  When you tap into this aspect of receiving, you are acting as a conduit of Light.

Do you ever wonder where your thoughts and ideas come from? Do you ever wonder how you receive messages from your Guides or Soul Council?

It’s all processed through your field of light around you. Your light being is deciphering all the time what information you can use and what you don’t need. However, it’s your conscious nature that chooses to take on or dismiss what your light nature shows you.  This is why it’s so easy for people to doubt messages they receive from Spirit Guides because often, it doesn’t appear that much different than your own thoughts.

What your light body is helping you do is to decipher between the difference. This subtle action helps you to determine your capacity and what to do with the information you receive.  There are many geniuses and agents of light in the world who are doing extra-ordinary things yet they may feel that many don’t understand their work.

Third, your Light Nature acts like a megaphone for your subconscious.  It allows your subconscious to have a voice through your vibration of light.  It can support how you manifest and create as well as your innermost fears and desires. This is why you have the ability to influence your subconscious through words, intentions and images which allows your light nature to bring it into form.

What does this mean for you?

My friend, this means you are a walking world of potential waiting to be realized! This is an important time to connect and be with your light nature and listen/observe the messages that you are receiving. It’s time to get comfortable with silence and space to allow Source to show you its language of love and light.

Too often, we as human beings are in a rush to accomplish, feeling the beating drum of time, marking the cadences of our lives being lived.  Yet, we forget that we’ve been on this light journey for a long time.  Some of us have been on this Earth plane multiple times, trying to get a goal accomplished, an idea to stick, a relationship to heal or for a deeper level of understanding.

This is an opportunity to relax into the space of your Being-ness, your Lightness of Being.  And the key word is to relax and allow.

With this special week of the New Moon and the Metal Ox Chinese New Year occurring, I invite you to take part in clearing your space and inviting a greater lightness and connection with Spirit to occur.  Allow moments of introspection, awareness and grief to come through and pass. Allow any frustrations, heaviness and regret to bubble up to the surface and leave.  This is a time of shedding to welcome our light in.

I invite you to take it moment by moment, my friend and enjoy your process unfolding.