Have you been feeling like you’ve been moving a bit through mud?

Does life seem a bit unclear to you right now?

Do you still feel a bit incomplete from 2020, like you’re trying to move fully into this year but just haven’t quite done so?

I know how you may be feeling.  I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed by so much. Between the elections, the pandemic, the loss of our dog, empty-nesting with our daughter moving out to the fullness of life and so many changes. It just feels a bit much.

I’ve been repeatedly getting these images of lotus flowers, but not when they’ve emerged above the water and have opened their beautiful petals.  No, it’s quite the opposite.

I see the lotus as bulbs hardly visible in the muddy water, moving through the uncertainty and unknown by patiently allowing nature to replicate, expand and prepare the being within. It hides below the lily pads that float languorously on top.

I can see rays of light streaming into the murky darkness, pulling the lotus up like a celestial rope.  It’s a bit of a dance.  The light pulls the lotus up while the lotus stays submerged, dwelling fully in the weight of just being.

Just being.  Those two words have a weight to them alright.  It’s a monumental act for some to get through the day just being.  It’s a balancing act for others to do all the tasks they have on their plate just being.  Sometimes a battle for others just being.

Just being is an interesting dichotomy, a dance of polarity between two lovers that fight when they’re together but also can’t stand being apart because when it works out…just being is…enough.  It’s peaceful. It’s perfect, connecting the inner self and the outer world in a neutral state.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful when Just Being is enough for you and for me?

That’s the invitation of the lotus bulb right now.

We are percolating in this container that’s been rising in steam, pressure, energy and intensity.  We enter into this early phase of Mercury in Retrograde with so much hope and potential for the year to come while still trying to release the grip of 2020 as well as so many elements beyond our control.

This is an important time to dwell in the state of the lotus bulb as we are entering into our 1st Mercury in Retrograde season.

Just Being is enough and it’s important to not get drawn into drama, disagreements or distractions that pull you away from fostering and cultivating your light within.

This is an important time to take it slow and intentionally plan what you’d like to manifest instead of rushing blindly into the next new thing, the next FOMO train or the next new idea.  Life is precious and our time is valuable.

Just Being is enough and it’s helpful to look at each day with gratitude and a humble heart.  If you’re reading this post right now, think of how truly abundant and blessed you are to have this time to take these words in. You are far luckier and connected to resources than many people in the world right now.

The lotus bulb is offering you a season to go in and allow a personal journey of inner transformation to occur. It’s not a time to hide and not face what’s coming.  Actually, going within is an opportunity to prepare.

Many of us are called to serve on different levels.  When you answer that call to embrace the silence and listen, you will find that Spirit, your Guides and Soul Council have a lot to share with you.  They are ready for you to embrace Just Being because this is how you can stand strong, courageous and fearless in the world when you allow yourself to just be you.

There’s no room for comparison within the lotus bulb.  You have your own unique beauty, power and light.

There’s no room for self-deprecation within the lotus bulb. You have to be your own champion and believer in yourself.

There’s no room for negativity within the lotus bulb.  If you don’t learn to tone down the deafening roar of complaining or negative energy around you, you will never be able to rise above it and open fully to your potential and life.  You have to set the tone for what you hear within and what you want to pay attention to,

The murkiness of the road ahead is meant to teach all of us patience.  Sometimes when we get too far ahead of ourselves, we forget to pay attention to what matters most in the moment – the now.  This is where we make the choices. This is where we can focus on Just Being.  This is where we allow the lotus bulb to rise up closer to the surface each and every day.

If you’ve been struggling to make a breakthrough, my friend, take a deep breath and relax.  You’re not in a race with anyone.  You’re in your own lane and you’re making things happen each and every day.

Don’t feel like it? Perhaps it’s time to just dwell in the murky state and begin to ask, “What is going on? What can I do? How can I affect what’s in front of me right now?”

Remember that when you ask, you must pause and listen.  That ‘pause’ can be a few minutes. It may be a few days.  Heck, it may be a few weeks or months.  The answer comes to you when it’s supposed to not when you necessarily want it.  But when the answer does come, you must be willing to act.

What does help is making peace with the murky, muddy state you’re in rather than fighting it.   Think of this murky darkness like sinking sand.  The more you fight it, the more it drags you down.

Instead, focus on the light – your light.  The light that shines within you and the light that shines above you.  Let that be the ray that allows you to float gently through the murky state and up to the top.

So I’m asking you to relax into it.  That’s right.  Just Be right now in it and know that with each breath and step you take, you making it through one day at a time.