Strategic Heart-to-Heart Meeting with your Guides and Business Council

  • Increase your confidence in the decision making

  • Receive higher guidance to reach your best outcome

  • Understand and connect to the pulse of your business

When you take part in the Business Council Intensive, you avoid:

Confusion, Overwhelm and Doubt

Working with your Business Council in the Akashic Records is easy, expansive and aligned to your highest outcome when you follow these 3 steps:

  1. Register for the course or Purchase this digital course

  2. Show up and do the work

  3. Commit to listening to your Business Council and keeping a steady pulse on your business for the next 4 weeks as you dive deep into this intensive

How does your Business and Life Benefit when you work with your Business Council?

1. Gain a greater sense of support and connection to Source’s knowledge
2. Feel confident and at ease in your mission of your business
3. Feel confident and at ease in having a path or formula you can follow

This makes doing your work an effortless act of service where you can have fun, feel purposeful, help people and be successful.