How Be a Rock in the River of Life

Everywhere I turn, there seems to be another wave of bad news layered on top of this celebrity who’s separating along with the economy going kerplunk. It feels like we’re stuck in a Netflix series called ‘You’re Not in Control’ and the plot’s taken a major twist in a dark direction.  And it’s only Season 1.

The plot twist appears to be tied to a lack of control breeding a sense of pandemonium that threatens to overwhelm and drown this planet’s sanity, safety, and peace.  It’s part of the age-old struggle that’s followed mankind since the beginning of time: the quest for survival and evolution.

Hence the dramatic change…

We’re experiencing a truly remarkable dimensional shift of time, energy, and consciousness. The invitation to be like a rock in the river of life is what faces us daily.  It requires such a level of inner strength, integrity, and fortitude.

So how do we manage?

Let’s start by being kind to ourselves so that we can be kind to each other.

It sounds so cheesy, right? Yet, the Golden Rule is a true measure of a heart’s purity.

So many of us in the world project our ideas, opinions, and beliefs, trumpeting conditions, patterns, and ideologies that are being broken and examined for a reason.

This is a period of scrutiny and the 20/20 lens is clearing the filters. This is a period of time where the script is being re-written.

When we’re kind to ourselves, we shift the self-deprecating conversation that happens within and focus only on controlling the thoughts and emotions that pull us away from our Center, our place of being the rock amidst the storm.

Kindness begins with acknowledging that we all have similar basic needs, wants, and desires.  The more we focus on what we share, the more it strengthens our ability to carry ourselves and each other through any challenge.

In a way, it’s a soul language that’s seeded from awareness and respect.

Once we initiate kindness in our lives, we can continue to cultivate that energy by creating a practice that grounds and centers us on a daily basis.

The news, people’s opinions, and our empathic natures cause us to feel the immense energies of the world.  Sometimes it requires true unplugging to tune into what matters – our connection to the moment.

Grounding and centering can look so different for everyone yet serve a universal purpose of connecting to Source energy. It’s a uniquely personal experience that can help to remind us of our place in the world.This is what feeds our inner battery, recharges our faith, and supports us in our journey.

When we tune in to greater energy and purpose than ourselves, we open to receive a higher level of love that helps us grow and evolve.

As we tune in to a greater Source of Love in the Universe, we activate the power of gratitude.

To be a rock in the river, we have to hold the energy of gratitude in our blessings. It’s what gives us the room to grow in true awareness of how connected we are to Source.

Gratitude is like our vitamins and when taken daily, it nourishes our body with light and elements that help us attract and magnetize more.

So be a rock in the river of life.  Cultivate a grounded, kind, and grateful Center so you can truly be an anchor of light in the world and do so much good!

The Invitation

The Invitation

There is an invitation that awaits you every day when you arrive back into your body, this plane, and this world.

It happens once you open your eyes and your mind starts to show you the agenda, stories, and ideas that set the tone and mood of how you begin.

It’s a pattern that we’re so used to that we go into auto-pilot. We go into our routines of work, life, home, relationships, and behaviors. It happens so subtly because our complex mind is always thinking, deciding, flagellating, and reflecting. When we react, it often comes from our internal library of canned responses.

Patterns happen through habitual and psychological actions. They’re often seeded at birth when we observe our role models and how they react and relate to life.

In the journey of awakening into your thoughts, identity, and awareness, there exists the invitation and it’s called conscious choice.

Conscious choice gives you the power to define your beliefs, values, and standards in a personal way that’s deeply aligned to your integrity. Every action and reaction comes from a place of awareness in how your input and output can ripple affect the world. Conscious choice is an awakened choice because your Divine nature recognizes the Divinity in another and this leads to a more open-hearted way of seeing the world.

It’s an upgrade from your normal patterns of thinking. It lifts you to a place of wonder, humility, grace, and joy. It bestows respect and kindness upon others. It’s the invitation step into a higher way of Being.

So how do you answer this invitation?

1. Accept your worth, your place, and your purpose in the world.

You have a right to be here. You have a reason for being here. When you recognize that you are incomparable, you begin to stop looking outside of yourself for veneration or acceptance. This happens because you consciously choose to see yourself as a part of the Divine which bestows your birthright to be here.

2. Consciously choose to be neutral in all things.

It doesn’t mean you don’t care or aren’t plugged in to what’s happening in the world. You can choose to stay abreast of current events without allowing your emotions and heart to feel pulled one way or the other. Sure….there are grave injustices that happen every day and there are people who are there to fight for their rights. You can consciously choose to support by empathetically listening, abstaining from judgment, and seeing the big picture.

3. Be a Light for others in the world.

The world is full of complainers, haters, and judges. You can choose to give in to other people’s issues or you can consciously choose to shine your light. This means you can simply be you. You can radiate your peace, hope, prayers, blessings out into the world without worrying about whether it’s good enough for someone. When you consciously choose to be a Light, you spark that awakening and curiosity in others.

4. Ask for a Day of Heaven on Earth

Why wait till you’re dead to experience Heaven when the conscious choice is to experience it with full awareness in this plane now. You can live in a state where life can flow easily or you can choose resistance in every turn and corner. Consciously choosing and asking for a day of Heaven on Earth is acknowledging the gift that Creator offers through the invitation. When you ask and you believe…it’s exactly what you receive.

5. Ask yourself, “How do I consciously choose to behave/feel/act/think today?”

When you first awaken, instead of going into auto-pilot, grabbing your phone and losing your precious time to the digital world, ask yourself this important question. “How do I consciously choose to behave/feel/act/think today?” If you consciously choose to feel good and happy, then you’ll find your mood is uplifted. If you consciously choose to behave in a kinder, gentler and more peaceful way, you’ll find that your day is brighter.

So what happens if you get the opposite effect?

You awaken into drama and chaos. Your thoughts are filled with dread and worry from your day before. You just don’t feel like you can shake off the blues. Your relationships are still challenging. Your kids won’t leave you alone. You feel like you just can’t get a break.

Does conscious choice still have an influence?

Absolutely. The invitation in applying conscious choice can influence how you react and respond to any situation that faces you. Conscious choice is rooted in balance, equilibrium, and trust. No matter what the world throws at you, you can handle anything when you apply the conscious decision to see the outcome higher.

The Dangerous Land of Stagnation and How to Break Free

Are you feeling stagnant in your life?
Do you feel like you’re just maintaining?
Are you wondering how to get excited and motivated again?

Do you know why I’m asking those 3 questions?  It’s because I know that feeling too well…almost embarassingly well.  That’s why I want to discuss with you something very important…the discovery of liquid gold.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling stagnant in my life, doing what was necessary just to keep the flow going.  I wasn’t particularly excited about anything at all and actually found myself feeling kind of ‘bored’ with what was happening.

Now, this is quite unusual because I feel like I’m living the life I have always dreamed of. I work from home, set my own hours, love what I do, have a supportive and loving partner and a super creative life.  However, I felt like I was going through the motions – like I was “just maintaining.”

I didn’t realize how dangerous it was to operate on “just maintaining” because you ignore the signs that your body needs attention or help as well as write off the boredom as ‘part of life.’

However, this place of ‘just maintaining’ can cause you to fall into the land of stagnation where you find yourself waiting for inspiration to strike.

That’s where I was and I felt a slow burning current of frustration of not knowing what was next.

It wasn’t until an impromptu date broke me out of the jailhouse of waiting.

My partner and I went to see a very old, roots reggae band called Black Uhuru play at Flamingo Cantina, a legendary Austin venue for reggae music.  One of Jamaica’s classic reggae bands, Black Uhuru has been around for over four decades, spanning a musical history that has been impactful, influential and launched many musician’s careers.

I’d heard their music for many years and found myself automatically dancing without thinking. The lead singer, no longer the original, belted familiar songs that caused the crowd to ripple in excitement.

However, it wasn’t until Duckie Simpson, one of the original founders, opened his mouth and sang a song that my heartstrings were plucked.  It was like hearing the original band through the sound of this one man.

I closed my eyes, falling deeper into the rhythmic trance.  In my little three feet of personal space, I began to really move, surrounded by a wall of friends and family.

I lost all sense of time and space as I felt a kinship to the nyabinghi heartbeat of the song. Perhaps it was my mood or a deep soulful cry for help – I felt something stir. I don’t know how it happened or when it happened, it just did.

In the depth of sound and the cadence of beats, I saw and felt something so amazing yet fleeting.  It was like a ray of pure golden light pierced right through me, touched the apex of my heart and flooded my blood with vitality.  Every cell, molecule and breath felt like it was super-infused with light, making me vibrate at such high realms.

I felt alive. I could see the music being played. I could feel sounds reverberate through me. I could taste, see, touch and feel God in every part of my being.  I felt like I was being plugged in and electrocuted awake.  It was like drinking liquid gold.

I left that night, walking on Cloud 9, feeling like I had taken some kind of happy, magic pill. The world around me literally looked brighter and full of color. That liquid gold energy watered my surroundings, making me see the beautiful potential and energy of The Creator in everything.

The next day, I still felt it – that feeling of sunshine running through me. It gave me energy and lifted my spirits, allowing me to breeze through my work. Sessions were easy and connections felt authentic. Focus became sharper and I completed my tasks with ease. Even money flowed in like magic!

If only it was like that every day! That golden, light feeling stayed for a few more days and slowly began to ebb away.

That’s when I started to panic.

I wasn’t ready to let that go and fall back into the stagnation of life’s patterns but how could I hold on to it?

Thus, I began to search for ways to hold on to that feeling of drinking ‘liquid gold’ and feeling absolutely alive.  Food, activities, gardening and my regular tasks didn’t inspire me.  Books didn’t invite me in.  Social invitations made me want to stay home.

Damn…was I going to be stuck in the land of stagnation?

Well, it’s funny how life works.  I was resigned to returning to my fate of maintaining until a little text message changed my world around.

The message said this:  ‘Hey! Our friend is moving down to Austin and wants to play keyboards in the band.  Do you want to play the bass?’

All of a sudden, I felt a bolt run through me.  There it was!! I felt like I was being hit with golden lightning that infused my veins with excitement!

What could I say but ‘Sure, I think so.’

So I did what any musician who doesn’t play that instrument does. I rented a bass guitar.

I came home, plugged it into my Fender bass amp and plucked the strings. The deep resonant notes just made my insides quiver and my smile widened. It was like sipping a cup of liquid gold.

I began to play.  Each note became the foundational backdrop to music that I had written and composed for many years as a keyboard player. It was like a reunion between lovers once the bass filled in the deep layers of sound.

Instead of thinking that I was learning a new instrument, I kept reminding myself that I was picking up where I left off.  What a huge difference that made!

And…I’ve got to admit…I’ve been hooked now for the last two weeks. I simply can not stop  playing, thinking or dreaming about this instrument.

It’s given me something so fun to look forward to.  I try to get my ‘real business’ work done as quickly and efficiently as possible so I can play music. I make room and time now to practice where before I thought I was too busy. It’s sharpened my focus because I look forward to my time of rest and playing.

I began to ask myself, what other ways could I maximize that feeling of drinking liquid gold and being excited about living and working?

Drinking the Creator’s liquid gold through finding something new is a key discovery to breaking the mundaneness in life.

Here are a few suggestions to help keep your focus, vibrations and energy high so you don’t drop into that land of waiting and stagnation.

#1. Learn a new language, skill or instrument
⁃    When you learn a new language, skill or instrument, you create new neural pathways in your brain that wires how you perceive the world.  These new pathways help you stay creative and active because you expose yourself to new stimuli, opening up potential avenues within your mind to create, attract and manifest.  Learning also helps you improve your multi-dimensionality as a human being, keeping you young and plugged into this ever-changing world.

#2. Plug into a new habit or activity
⁃    In order to break the routine-ness of life, you have to implement and create new habits that take time to imprint in your psyche and environment.  Whether it is starting a new work-out program, doing more self-care work or testing a new system in your life/business, you have the opportunity to shift and up level your way of existence.  Plugging a new habit takes dedication and commitment so patience with self is critical.  Also, consistency and follow-through will help strengthen your character and help you accomplish anything you set your mind to.

#3. Challenge yourself to make 1 new recipe per week for 12 weeks
⁃    Food is a vital part of your life and a contributing factor to your health.  By trying out one new recipe a week, you introduce yourself to a variety of flavors, spices and tastes.  Expanding your palate also increases your sense of the environment around you. Challenging yourself with creating or making one new recipe also improves your relationship with how you eat, take care of yourself and communicate with your body. This is a great way to also bring your social circle into your food experiment.

#4. Book a trip in the future to take
⁃    Nothing stimulates the senses and invigorates the spirit like taking a much-needed vacation. Booking a trip in the future gives you something exciting to look forward to and plan through out the year.  It also helps you save for the journey, focus your efforts on budgeting and create a sense of urgency because of your deadline for departure.  By getting excited about going away, your mind creates new ideas to help you manifest your needs for your trip as well as helps you get organized in your life so that when you leave – you can really unplug.

#5. Recommit to your vision
⁃    Face it, if you’re not feeling motivated to work on your business, career or self then you may have a disconnect with one of your visions for your life.  Haven’t really ironed out what kind of vision you want for your life?  This might be a cause for the stagnation and lack of inspiration.  One of the greatest favors you can do for yourself is to spend some time mapping out your vision for what you’d like to accomplish in your life.  Each week, review your vision and see what actions you are taking to align, attract and manifest that outcome.  If you find yourself not taking ANY action at all for weeks on end, you might want to assess whether that vision is really what you want.

#6. Sign up for a series of bodywork for healing
⁃    Chances are, if you possess any kind of nurturing quality, you probably put others before yourself on a regular basis.  You may be operating in a less than optimal state but keep on compensating because you don’t want to take that time out or are simply unaware of your condition.  When you sign up for a series of bodywork – whether that is acupuncture, chiropractic or massage – you are giving your body a new pathway for existing.  When you release pent-up energy, pain and stagnation, you evolve into new states of feeling good and allow yourself that gift of healing which can motivate you to take action in your life.

#7. Go out into nature once a week and go for a walk/hike – consider this a treat!
⁃    Nature is a great place for re-setting, allowing your mind to enter into a place of silence and communion with the land around you.  The Creator’s energy lies untapped in the natural realm as we explore our ability to feel rejuvenated, calm and grounded. Going into nature once a week helps you detox from a digital world where you are constantly plugged in. This is where creative ideas can explode when you can get away from your own environment and plug into new sights and sounds.

#8. Genuinely compliment a stranger or someone you don’t know once a week
⁃    Want to break out of the stagnation of feeling bad? Compliment someone that you meet randomly and make sure that compliment is genuine and sincere. It will catch people off guard and also invite them to open up to you. A random stranger could become a friend, acquaintance or supporter.  Best of all, complimenting someone makes them feel good which naturally spills over into your realm of energy as your fields communicate unspoken words. Make this habit become a positive influence in your life and you will find more blessings appear as you rain down blessings on others.

So there you go. I invite you to try any one of these suggestions to keep that energy of liquid gold flowing through your life.

The land of stagnation can be a trap that can cause you to lose momentum, energy, hope or motivation.  Don’t get stuck in that place. Commit to breaking out of any traps that hold you here and know that there is a way out.  That way out will get you excited about life and truly grateful that you are on this soul journey at this time.

And if there is any way I can help break you out of this stagnation loop, please let me know. For now, I am simply content to play the bass and feel the Divine in each note.

About the Author:

Anne Marie Pizarro is a registered nurse and a holistic practitioner, focusing on the Akashic Records and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). She works with clients globally and assists them in connecting to their Soul Council, Record Keepers and Guides. Her mission is to help support people’s soul journey on Earth.  Contact her via email, website or through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

TODAY changed all of that…

How to Empower Yourself During Times of Change & Transition

Today is Inauguration Day and it brings mixed feelings for me as well as for many people.  Right now, our world feels divided between progress and undefinable change as the face of leadership in this country shifts hands. I found myself faced with this realization early in the day, observing the swell of emotions and opinions of discontent rolling through social media and the political stage.

I could feel the tug and pull of drama, inviting me to distraction and I said to myself…

“WAIT! NO!  There’s gotta be another way. I’m going to make the best I can of this day because…THIS…My Life…is the ONLY stage I can control.”

So I turned off the TV and silenced my email and social media stream.  I looked at my list and made note of my priorities. I grabbed my paperwork and headed to the Foundation Community Center and the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) enrollment center.  I decided that with all the changes happening in the Affordable Care Act, I would TRY and see if I could qualify for health insurance.

Now mind you, here’s a little back story that might give you insight on the significance of this cause.  Over the last 16+ years that I worked as a registered nurse in a major acute care hospital system, I never had health care coverage. Through these years, I’ve been un-insured and paying for all my medical and dental visits in cash.  I’ve been truly blessed that I’ve not had to incur any major costs related to health care.

I operated this way because I chose to work PRN (as needed), which allotted me the highest wage per hour but came with the sacrifice of health and other benefits.  I chose to do this because I valued my “freedom” and didn’t want to be subject to someone else’s rules about my schedule.  Despite the lack of health insurance, I took great care of myself, my daughter and my partner.  We try to maintain healthy behaviors, eat as balanced as possible and take care of ailments as well as prevent conditions from becoming chronic.

I tried many times to qualify for affordable health care but I found paying over $500.00/month for “health insurance” – ridiculous and unjustifiable. Especially because this “health insurance” wouldn’t cover the kind of services I WOULD use on a normal basis such as acupuncture, massage or chiropractic adjustments.  In addition, trying to pay that much as a nurse and single-mother with a mortgage, car payment and business are just too much. So I operated in this fashion for many years, without any coverage or control.

Today changed ALL of that.  

See…I couldn’t afford health insurance at the job I had so I had to QUIT my job and work for myself so that I could afford health insurance through this mandatory government program.  And then, when HAAM stepped in, they covered my monthly premiums from my health plan, essentially giving me the most AMAZEBALLS insurance ever.  THIS is the benefit of living in a city which tries to take care of their musicians.  THANKS AUSTIN!

What? Is this for real you ask?

YES! And like I said, I’m going to make today the BEST day I can for myself because this is the only stage I CAN control.

I invite you to TRY and THINK this way when times get tough and you can’t seem to see the path ahead of you.  Simply put, you’ve got today to make a difference. That’s why during times of uncertainty and change, we have to push all the distractions around us aside so we can take just ONE STEP in a direction that empowers us.  And this step is different for everyone for we all have our own journeys and experiences to live.

This one step starts with one day and could be every day if that is a pattern that you would like to integrate into your life.  That is how habits become formed and how things get done.  When you accomplish even the smallest thing, you feel pretty good inside and if you truly love yourself…you’ll want to continue that feeling.

And honestly, continuing that feeling of goodness within is going to be important during these next four years of a new president.  Because we are in the forefront of change, we must cultivate our own inner barometer for peace and centered-ness within.  We cannot allow the external world to dictate how we create our inner realities.

So I hope you take advantage of the transition that is occurring in the world. Learn to control the only stage that matters – your stage and don’t forget to big yourself up and celebrate when those small single steps turn into BIG rewards in the end!

Bless up,

If you find that you need assistance with all this energy and confusion moving through your life, let me know. I am here to assist you and your Soul Council when you are ready!



Clarity and Closure Speak, Heal and Manifest

As this amazing year draws to a close, preparing for the next year means having clarity about what you want and closure about what you are completing and letting go.

I found this amazing duo to be super handy when I was cleaning my closet and rearranging my world.  I decided to gift myself a rare treat which was to take the day off.  In being clear about the necessity to return to my center, I let go and closed the need to always have to “work and be productive.”  Do you know what came from this powerful insight?  A wonderful song.

Clarity and Closure Speak

When I was crafting this song, the clarity that I received was like a download from The Most High.  I received information that changed my internal framework of being.  That song has stayed with me through out all this time.  In letting go of what I thought I needed to do that day, I laid closure to the pressure that I place on myself.  The gift that came from that was humble gratitude and awareness of our connection with the internal and external world.

Thus I went for a hike.  My friend, Loretta, and I got lost in the greenbelt of Austin on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  I watched in amazement at all the thoughts and emotions that ran the gamut of my mind.

The Stargates of Clarity and Closure

The Stargates of Clarity and Closure

Clarity and Closure Heals

As I watched the interplay of feelings, resistance and experiences take surface, the energy of clarity and closure healed, sealed and closed the deal as I let myself be in the natural surroundings of trees, plants and animals.  It didn’t matter.  We are all connected through the breath and energy of life.  Time ceased to exist.  I expanded. I absorbed.  And I am healed.

Clarity and Closure Manifest

As I prepare for the upcoming year, I reflect on all the wonderful and life-changing experiences I’ve had.  I don’t hold on to memories like others do.  What does get replayed is necessary for its exit.  And so as I embrace the blessings that rain upon me, I am grateful for the opportunities of clarity that I may close what is completed and open what is for my next and highest good.


I recently attended a ceremonial event recently where I drew the “Surrender” card.  It was like the Universe slapping me into consciousness.

“I surrender”

I realized this was the magic key! When you surrender to what Great Creator has in store for you and align yourself to Divine Will, then you can move aside and witness the miracle that happens in the unfoldment of your destiny.  This is like watching a movie of your life.  It is being the watcher, director and co-producer.  And surrendering doesn’t mean you succumb to defeat.  On the contrary, it means you align yourself with trusting in the Source to guide you rather than have your own egoic will foretell what is best.

Surrender to the Divine

Surrender to the Divine

“Let go and surrender to what you don’t know.”

When you choose to surrender  your will to The Divine, you allow yourself to trust and step into your full power.

I’ve created vision boards, stated the affirmations, envisioned and wrapped my mind around positive thinking.  What was the big wake-up call was the opportunity to Surrender into the Unknown.  And it’s not just saying it in words.  It is living from your heart and choosing to be in a state of implicit trust and faith.  This is a hard one for sometimes we need validation that we are doing the right thing.  What if I were to tell you – at any given moment in time – you always have a choice to pick the choice for your highest good.  Choose wisely of Life will choose it for you!

How do you let go and Surrender!! 

1. Tap into The Divine Creator and trust that you are being led exactly where you are suppose to be going.

2. Be patient after you ask and let your life unfold naturally.

3. Honor  yourself and others by having gratitude and awareness of everyone’s journey on this life path.

4. Don’t push it.  If you find that what you are surrendering to feels difficult and uncomfortable – then that is an opportunity to check yourself and make the necessary adjustments.

5. Ask that everything be done for your highest and best good!

Give Yourself Permission

What does “Give Yourself Permission” mean?  I recently found out when I had my fingerprints quickly analyzed by Richard Unger.  What I found out nearly threw me for a loop and made me step into who I really am.

“Give Yourself Permission”

I thought I was already doing everything in integrity.  Then I found out that I had the markings of a benign dictator and the traits of a Red Queen.  Essentially, that meant that I had permission from the Universe to kick butt.  Was I really doing it though?

Sure my passions were being played out in my business and practice.  Sure I was living in joy and light. When I got the green light GO though in public, something in me stepped up to the plate fully.  In living in integrity, I decided that I was all that and more!

Give Yourself Permission to live an amazing life!

Give Yourself Permission to ROCK!

“Give Yourself Permission to Answer the Invitation”

When you choose to answer the invitation to step into your full power, you give yourself permission to be bold, courageous, inventive, charismatic and a humble servant of the Divine.

I know that I came down here for a purpose.  I know that there are people I came here to help, spaces to clear and energies to lift.  I know because I feel it resonate in every part of my cells, being and vibration.

And in answering the invitation, you step into responsibility for who you are, what you came here to do and who you serve.  Every step you take in integrity is in alignment with the will of the Divine Creator.

Give Yourself Permission to Take Action!! 

1. Tap into The Most High and ask what to do next.

2. Receive the information and take steps to act on what you hear is for your highest good.

3. Be in honor and integrity with yourself and others by having gratitude and awareness of everyone’s journey on this life path.

4. Be kind to yourself and celebrate the mystery, magic and moments of beauty, fun and achievements!

5. Honor the Earth!  In healing yourself, you heal our Planet! Give thanks!