Crystal Grids

Rose Quartz and Garnet with Rhodochrosite

Crystal Grids use crystals, sacred geometry and intention to create a vibrational tool that accesses the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  Upon activating the crystal grid, a vibratory field is created that can encompass hundreds to thousands of feet in circumference that encircles the area with the energy of the grid and its intention.   Grids can be portable and can also be permanent.  Portable grids range from 2″ in size to 12-24″.

Grids can be placed around homes, businesses, and property.  Types of grids that are commonly requested are love & relationship, prosperity and abundance, business success, healing of the physical and emotional body, protection from negative energy, house blessings and more.

Clients often receive information on how to create a crystal grid around their homes.  Though this process is relatively easy, what is missing is how to activate the grid correctly.  More importantly, how to radiate this energy around, deflect harmful Earthlines and exert a protective field are important elements to charge the grid properly.  This is how I can help.

Crystal grids can be created to your needs and situations.  Listed below are a sample of grids that are available:

Chakra set – all 7 grids are a perfect tool for massage and energy practitioners. Discount available for all 7.

Health – citrine and quartz
Relationship grid (love) – rose quartz and garnet
Relationship grid (family) – rose quartz and malachite
Sexuality and love – rose quartz and carnelian
Career – black tourmaline and citrine
Special projects – carnelian and citrine
Psychic connection – quartz and amethyst
Protection around the home – black tourmaline and quartz
Protection from negative energy/entities/people – micalated quartz and black tourmaline
Protection for your vehicle – moonstone and black tourmaline
Self-power and oratory skills – turquoise and flourite
Reversal of negative energy – blue kyanite and quartz
Grounding for children – tigers eye and citrine

All grids are $50.00, made to order and shipped within one week of order. Shipping and handling will be added to your overall cost, along with an 8.25% tax.  Specialty grids with more than 2 stones are priced separately.

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Crystal Gridding

A crystal gridding session can be utilized as part of a general IET, Akashic Record, Holographic Sound and Theta Session.  When crystal gridding homes, land and businesses, it is generally a co-creative process as the owner holds the stones and places their intentions into the crystal.  After programming the crystal with their intentions, the owner, with the assistance of the practitioner,  places the stones in a sacred geometrical pattern.  The practitioner then connects the sacred crystal grid and activates the energetic field.  Afterwards, the practitioner can inform the client of their energetic field of circumference.  Portable crystal grids are made on requests and vary is prices based on amount and size.  We charge $175.00 per hour for gridding and activation and provide all the stones and materials used to activate the grid .  Sessions are available via phone consultations and in-person.  Please call us at (512) 698-4615 to set an appointment or email us at anne at bodyenergyconnection dot com.

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