Integrated Energy Therapy®(IET).

Crop Circle AngelIET is a powerful energy modality that gets the “issues out of your tissues” by looking at the emotional blockages, experiences, and patterns that we store on a cellular level. By removing these issues on a cellular level, we affect our DNA. By releasing these patterns, blockages, and memories that no longer serve us – we are lighter, more free, and able to REALLY manifest our heart’s desire. IET is an active form of energy work that works with the violet angelic ray. It’s an amazing and life changing experience whose subtleties expand into every aspect of your life.

What Can I Expect From an IET Session?

An IET session can go anywhere from a 5-minute empowerment to a 1-2 hour session that works on releasing any patterns, emotions, experiences, and trauma.  While working on the 9 cellular memory areas, one is able to tap into the core of what is really holding them back physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  A client is fully clothed and relaxed on a massage table while soothing music is played in the background. A  healing energetic vibration is directed to specific areas on the body that hold blocked cellular memories and emotions.  These blocks are then released and cleared through IET power points along the spine.  At the end of a session, a client typically feels a sense of peace and well-being and also a sense of groundedness and clarity.   As a Master Instructor, we have prepared diligently, practiced effortlessly, and received the education and training to bring IET into your lives.  We charge $90.00 per hour for a session.  Sessions are available via phone consultations and in-person.  Please call us at (512) 291-8061 to set an appointment or email us at anne@bodyenergyconnection.


Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Session


Cutting Cords and Hearnetting

Wonder why patterns, people and situations repeat themselves?  Wonder why it’s so hard to let go?  This IET Cord Cutting experience allows you to release those binding ties and retrieve your power back.  This two-part meditative exercise allows you to go cut cords with people, patterns, conditions and memories that no longer serve you and continue to pull energy out of you.  This is a powerful technique that when cut allows you to open up to receiving new experiences and to let go of the past.  This is freedom.  This is a rewiring of your internal environment to match with your external world.

In heartnetting, you are able to energetically connect to what you would like to bring into your life: the perfect partner, job, business venture, health, wealth and more.  Through the heartnet, we connect to the Violet Angelic Ray and invite this energy to magnetize and manifest amazing outcomes.  Done after a cord-cutting, the results can range from a subtle shift in your perspective to the arrival of the surprise of your life. In addition, you are able to energetically draw in the people, soul partners, soul clusters and assistants to help you manifest easily and gracefully.  You don’t have to do this alone.  As a matter of fact, with the support you are drawing in – your success is easily and quickly realized.

This is the time to work through our issues and bring our best into the world.  We have only a limited window while we are on this planet.  Why not make the best of it and make something amazing happen in you, with you and through you!  Please let us know how we can assist you in this transformative work!

Akashic Record Consultations

Eye of HorusEye of HorusThe Akashic Records are like the Book of Life.  They are a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a nonphysical plane of existence.  They are the library of your soul’s journey that catalogues every thought, experience, relationship, and situation you’ve ever been in.  It is like accessing the “universal computer” and getting the information you need to make your programs run smoothly.

By accessing your Akashic Records, you are able to get clarity, answers, and information.  We are able to identify and release blockages and patterns from any past lives that do not serve you in this life.  Working in the Records allow us to see that we have choices and free will in the paths that we take, and that our connection to Spirit is eternal and One

What Can I Expect from an Akashic Record Consultation?

An Akashic Record Consultation is private and confidential and usually happens from 45 minutes – 1.5 hours.  You can ask questions that are specific to life situations, relationship issues, traumatic events, blockages in your life, and even directions in your life’s path.  The important thing to realize is that HOW a question is asked affects the answer that it receives.  Our rates vary according to length of the session.  Sessions are available via phone consultations and in-person.  Please call us at (512) 698-4615 to set an appointment or email us at anne at bodyenergyconnection dot com.

***  IMPORTANT NOTE:  AKASHIC RECORD READING PRICES WILL BE CHANGING ON 8/8/2013.  When you schedule a session before 8/8/13, you will be automatically grandmothered into this original pricing structure for ALL FUTURE READINGS. ***


Akashic Record Consultation

Holographic Sound Healing


Holographic Sound Healing is the use of sound, intention, and sacred geometry to affect change in the body. Whether it is aligning and energizing the chakras or working on diseases and condition, Holographic Sound uses the power of tones and color to shift from a lower vibration to a higher vibration.

In the beginning was the word.  That word was sound.  The amazing potential of sound to affect the cellular, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual centers of the body leads to healing that is dynamic, subtle, and in cooperation with our higher selves.

What Can I Expect From a Session?

A session generally occurs by doing an internal assessment of your needs and addressing any imbalances in your energetic flow.  After relaxing on the massage table, we begin by working on your chakra centers or energy meridians and then are guided to work on organs/muscles/cellular memory individually.   People finish a session usually feeling very relaxed and calm.  In these moments of quiet and ease, when we are able to let go – real healing occurs and changes us on a subtle, positive level thereby affecting all of creation.  We charge $75.00 per hour for a session.  Sessions are available via phone consultations and in-person.  Please call us at (512) 291-8061 to set an appointment or email us at anne@bodyenergyconnection.

Holographic Sound Healing Session

Theta Healing

Entering the DivineThetaHealing™ is a technique that brings your brain to the theta state through thought, intention and prayer.  The theta state  allows us to reach the Divine Creator and ask that the unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is do the work as we stand  witness to healing on a physical, emotional, mental, cellular, and spiritual level.  According to Vianna Stibal, Theta Healing is a  technique that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of  The Creator Of All That Is to  do the actual “work”. We believe by changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, you can actually watch the  Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional healing.

Theta Healing™ focus on Belief and Feeling Work on all levels: Core, Genetic, History, and Soul.  Vianna states that Theta  Healing “empowers people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive,  beneficial ones.   ThetaHealing™ can be most easily described as an attainable miracle for your life.”

What Can I Expect from a Theta Healing Session?

Hydration is key!  By drinking plenty of water, this allows your muscle testing to be clear and strong.   Muscle testing is an important aspect of a theta session to ascertain whether change has occurred.  Clarity is also important and having an idea of what you want to work on helps.  The attitude and intention of wanting to create positive change and being receptive to that change is an important key to your healing.   A typical session normally lasts 60 minutes.  Instantaneous change can occur in a matter of minutes.  However, it is always important to examine the beliefs and feelings that are associated with behaviors, patterns, blockages, memories, and experiences and release them on all four levels.  We charge $75.00 per hour for a session.  Sessions are available via phone consultations and in-person.  Please call us at (512) 291-8061 to set an appointment or email us at anne@bodyenergyconnection.

Theta Healing Session

Crystal Gridding

Rose Quartz and Garnet with Rhodochrosite

Crystal Gridding is the use of crystals, sacred geometry and intention to create a vibrational tool that accesses the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  Upon activating the crystal grid, a vibratory field is created that can encompass hundreds to thousands of feet in circumference that encircles the area with the energy of the grid and its intention.   Grids can be portable and can also be permanent.  Portable grids range from 2″ in size to 12-24″.  Other grids can be placed around homes, businesses, and property.  Types of grids that are commonly requested are love & relationship, prosperity and abundance, business success, healing of the physical and emotional body, protection from negative energy, house blessings, and more.

Crystal Gridding is a fun and interactive way to intentionally create a field of energy around you and your property that elevates your intentions to another level of BEING.  Manifesting your goals and visualizations begin with believing and knowing that the grids are doing their job.

What Can I Expect from a Crystal Gridding  Session

A crystal gridding session can be utilized as part of a general IET, Akashic Record, Holographic Sound, or Theta Session.  When crystal gridding homes, land, and businesses, it is generally a co-creative process as the owner holds the stones and places their intentions into the crystal.  After programming the crystal with their intentions, the owner, with the assistance of the practitioner,  places the stones in a sacred geometrical pattern.  The practitioner then connects the sacred crystal grid and activates the energetic field.  Afterwards, the practitioner can inform the client of their energetic field of circumference.  Portable crystal grids are made on requests and vary is prices based on amount and size.  We charge $75.00 per hour for gridding and activation and provide all the stones and materials used to activate the grid .  Sessions are available via phone consultations and in-person.  Please call us at (512) 291-8061 to set an appointment or email us at anne@bodyenergyconnection.

Crystal Grids & Sessions

Vision Board/Mindmapping Session

The vision board is one of the most powerful manifestation tools that you can create with mindfulness, ease and power.  Clarity in knowing what you want can create pathways to bring in your visions and goals.  Using spiritual technologies such as IET, the Merkaba and heartlinking/heartnetting increases the efficacy and magnetic attractor factor of your board.  Here’s a little secret….IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Clients contact me for group or private sessions.  Prerequisites are simple.  Know what you want and don’t leave fate to chance it.  That means when you are creating your board or notebook – there is preparation and planning involved.  Our sessions are power-packed and waste no time in helping you get into the energy of your goals, visions and desires.  We share tools that you can use to magnify the attraction on your own along with group sessions.


Body Energy Connection Office

The Body Energy Connection Office is a mobile office. Sessions are done by appointment only and can be done at the Body Energy Connection Headquarters, via phone, or by Skype.  Office Hours are Monday,  Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Only appointments are seen.  No walk-ins available unless pre-registered for a class.  Anne Pizarro can be reached for a consultations, session, or workshop via the office number (512) 698-4615.  In case of an emergency, she can be reached at (512) 698-4615.Disclaimer:  None of the healing modalities mentioned above can be used to diagnose, treat or heal “dis-ease.”  Furthermore,  they are not intended to replace traditional medical treatment.  If you require medical attention or have a life-threatening condition, please contact 911 or or see your Primary Medical Physician for further treatment.

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