At Body Energy Connection, we have many tools to help you shift your perspective.  From Videos to meditations along with sacred art and sacred water, we have a plethora of choices to fill your toolkit to fullness.

The videos we carry are 2 kinds:  the Akashic Record Message (ARM) of the Week or Month and Meditations to help you delve deeper into your spiritual journey.

These videos are intended to help expand your energy field, connect you with your higher self and unlock the codes of expansion and awareness in your cellular memory.  They are created with mindful awareness, consciousness, a deep love of Great Spirit and in honor of you and where you are at in Creation at this time.

The Meditations are intentionally created to assist you in connecting with your higher self and bring you more in alignment with your Divine Path.  Using sacred geometry, art and music, they are created to bring you to deeper states of relaxation and expansion so that your cellular and 12-Strand DNA begin to assist you in creating a world that you desire to be a part of.


Our Sacred Art gallery shares our deep love of geometry, metaphysics, crystals and interntional creation.  We fully believe that we are co-creators of our destiny and also Master Writers of our Divine Path.  The Sacred Art that we share with the world are composed of:

  • Stargate Crystal Grids
  • Chakra Crystal Grids
  • Ascended Master Series

These sacred art can be used as part of your meditative practice, healing touch and bodywork and also as decorative pieces.  Unique, beautiful and heartfully created, these sacred pieces will grace and bless your altar, office and home and raise the vibrations to a higher state, always in alignment with the Divine Spirit.

Our Sacred Water is Love line is a very special blend of intentional water that is created to assist you in your life at this time.  We bring it ALL when we create these beautiful water treatments.  Created during a new moon, solarized and lunarized through the process into the full moon, these Water is Love bottles are supercharged with crystalline, angelic, sacred geometric and Ascended Masters energy.  It is also triple charged with Ho’o’ ponopono principles, the properties of mindful intention, prayers and mantras.  The water is intentionally upgraded with molecular principles of vortexing and blue cobalt bottles.

The Water is Love line includes:

  • Protection from Negative Energy
  • Loving, Graceful, Kindness
  • Super Immune Booster
  • Prosperity Serum
  • Stress Relief Tonic
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