Shapeshifting Your Future Self and Timebending

19890783_sWhat if I told you that your magical abilities are available at your disposal and you could use it to transform your future?

What if I told you that shapeshifting your future self would not only help your present state evolve but also increase your productivity, business, health and vitality?

Would you be ready?  Better yet…would you allow the fear of your greatness to override your limitations of your past and present?


If you are ready to make this the most amazing, powerful and successful year ever, then Shapeshifting Your Future self is imperative for tapping into your full potential RIGHT NOW!

Why would you wait for the next New Year resolution or the beginning of January to initiate change when you could keep your year running strong and in alignment with what you truly want to manifest?

Begin the process of shapeshifting before you even begin creating goals that you might not meet, committing to promises that you may not be ready for or agreeing to start when you’re not sure how you want your outcome to look.

Shapeshifting your future self is a combination of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), sacred geometry and alchemy of DNA that allows you to tap into a future lifetime and bring that energy and information into your present form by working with your soul council and your cellular memory.  It is activating those future programs to align with your present life and call in the people, events and circumstances to make that a reality.

This is a missing link in how you manifest your goals and dreams into existence.  It works with the human energy field, the veils of human consciousness and the violet ray.  It requires permission, acceptance and receptiveness of your power and abilities.  Most of all, it requires your presence and participation.

Shapeshifting your future self is right for you if:

  • you are ready to bring information into your life RIGHT NOW
  • you are ready to make 2014 the most successful and prosperous year ever
  • you are ready to align to your soul’s purpose and path
  • you are ready to make your goals and dreams a reality
  • you are ready to connect with your divine partner
  • you are ready to impact your financial prosperity
  • you are ready to step into your power
  • you are ready to catalyze your life into its next state of evolution
  • you are ready to live without fear and trust in your soul’s path

Do you feel your engines revving up to go?  I DO!  Let’s do this!  

 What can I expect from a Shapeshifting and Timebending Session?

  • You will be taken into a deep trancelike state in which I will take you through a Future Life Progression where you will access your Future Self
  • You have the opportunity through meditation to begin working on activating your soul’s potential and energetically connecting to all the people and circumstances to help to your helpers and circumstances
  • You will experience your DNA alchemically being altered to bring in your future self’s DNA so that it can be integrated into your current reality
  • You will learn some key timebending principles to assist your shapeshifting abilities

The question is….What are YOU waiting for?

Individual Session


(Includes worksheet to list your shapeshifting desires, access the Akashic Records for 15-minutes to find out any blocks that may interfere with your shapeshifting, experience the shapeshifting meditation, experience the heartnetting exercise, experience the Alchemy of DNA, and integrate that session.  You will receive a recorded copy of the session after completion)


Package of Three Sessions

$315.00 (Save $60.00 when you buy 3 sessions)

(Includes the above in a single session, follow-up session which includes 15-30 minutes of Akashic Record work to ascertain if you are experiencing any blocks or resistance, and another shapeshifting and timebending session where you can attract even more!)


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