Testimonials are a great way to share some feedback from some of our clients.  Energy work is a very personal way to experience healing, shifts, changes, and discoveries about your inner world.  What better way to share those insights than from the people we have been blessed to serve and assist.  Many blessings and thanks!


“Anne provides a safe and professional atmosphere for the work that manifests in her office. Our session got to many core issues that were held within my body and being that I didn’t even realize were there.  The session led to a better understanding of myself and kept me thinking for days afterward about what came up and how I’d like to move forward with my life. I’m excited about the personal growth and emotional freedom that can come with her guidance.” – Christopher Horan, Certified Rolfer, Austin, TX

“You are most likely correct in what you said about before and after pictures, I did feel much different ‘after’… more peaceful, relaxed, open for possibilities, joy….” – Dallas, Austin, TX

“Thanks again for lending your abilities to the blessing of our home.   I totally feel that it ours now.  And my benediction for you: May God bless you for the service you provide to others because it truly is a gift that brings light to this sometimes very dark and hard place.  The light in me honors and salutes the light in you.” – Christina, Austin, TX

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you today. It was truly a wonderful experience and I am very grateful to have made your acquaintance in this lifetime.” Daniela, California

Hi Anne Marie, thank you so much for the awesome Akashic Record reading this morning. I really enjoyed meeting you and the reading was so very helpful to me.” – Karen, Texas

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