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You are here for an important reason.  It's time to get the information you need to succeed as a human being in this lifetime.

When you schedule an Akashic Record or IET Session, you will experience:

  • Clarity and Direction
  • Understanding of your soul's path & purpose
  • Connection to past lives and future potentials

There's a reason why you're remember your purpose and align to your path.

Karen Wilson, Reiki Master Corpus Christi, TX

"I have had a few Akashic Record Readings with Anne Marie Pizarro. I am an energy healer and have sent many of my clients to her for additional support.​ Anne is so kind, talented, connected and professional. Readings with Anne have helped me immeasurably to understand myself, and my relationship with my family and my business. Through her I have gleaned understanding and insight that would be very difficult to gain elsewhere. I encourage you to book a reading with Anne. You will walk away with greater comfort, confidence, knowledge and tools to create your best life."

About Anne Marie Pizarro

Anne Marie has owned and operated her own holistic practice, Body Energy Connection, for over ten years and is also a registered nurse with over 18+ years of experience. She offers Akashic Record Sessions, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) as well as other services.

Her goal is to help her clients receive the information needed to elevate their existence, consciousness and purpose.

What People Are Saying

Nikki, California

"I enjoyed our session tremendously and I want to set up another one for I have even more things that I now would like to get clarity on. Thank you again so very much for your gift. It's truly beautiful what you do and how you are able to help people."

Sheila, Dominican Republic

"Thanks so much for this reading! It literally gave me life!! I am so happy I have permission to HAVE FUN!

How Can The Akashic Records Help You?

You are not alone in your journey...

You are here for a special reason and you have a very special group of guides and beings that work with you. Learn how your Soul Council can help you navigate through this life and receive the information waiting for you in the Akashic Records.